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Absorbs shocks and fluctuations, improving life-time of hydarulic breakers.
Applicable Breakers:  from 810 – 1500.

Valve Adjuster

Controls the speed and power output of hydraulic breaker.
Applicable Breakers: form 600 – 1500

Auto Greasing System

Improves productivity and comfort for operators.
Applicable Breakers: form 500 – 1500



Anti Blank Firing

System protects main body from idle hammering
Applecable breakers: from 810 – 1500

Air Check Valve

Enables underwater hammering.
Applicable Breakers: all models

Long Tool Pin & Round Nut

Increase the life time of front head.
Applicable Breakers: all models

Hydraulic Hammers

Drum Cutters

Bucket Crushers

Chain Cutters